February 13, 2009 – March 10, 2009

Adam Cave Fine Art Gallery

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The Road and the Wilderness: Paintings and drawings from the Peruvian Amazon
February 13 - March 10, 2009

Reception and Lecture by the artist
Wednesday, February 25th
6:30 pm

Travel with artist David Hewson far from his Pinehurst, North Carolina home into the jungles and villages of Peru, many that have never before seen strangers. Join him on Wednesday evening, February 25th at Adam Cave Fine Art when he’ll take his audience at this free event into native Peruvian life through maps, photos and his paintings.

His base is the Loreto province and Iquitos, the largest city in the world with no land accessibility, reached only by boat or plane, in the northern most reaches of Peru bordered by Columbia, Brazil and Ecuador where mythological spirits in human or part animal still prevail. Learn about the myths and the ancient plant medicines; the source of 50% of all plant life comes from this area.

You are probably wondering how this successful tarheel artist got involved with this undeveloped culture after studying restoration of great masters’ paintings and water gilding in Europe. He has always been fascinated with mythology and holistic lifestyle.

His current research stems from a stint in India in 2001 where he was exposed to its historic mythic influences. Ayurvedic cleansing intrigued him as a result of his ongoing weight problem. From that introduction to ancient healing, he also became interested in Roman and Greek mythology, all reflected in his painting and drawing.

An Indian shaman was traveling to North Carolina to treat locals in healing ceremonies. David’s experience was so powerful that he went along to Peru. Now Hewson’s Peruvian paintings interpret these varied cultures and incorporate his masterful water gilding. In addition to his art, he’ll share his knowledge of the native cuisine, information about things like camu camu, a fruit like large cranberries, squeezed and mixed with water or mesato beer, as well as facts about the communal maloca housing made from specific thatched wood.

It’s an uncommon opportunity to hear about the lifestyle of a portion of the world obscured from civilization and sophistication as we know them. David Hewson will talk and answer questions, before he returns there in July, on Wednesday, February 25th at 6:30 pm at Adam Cave Fine Art, 115 ½ Hargett Street, second floor of a 115 year old historic downtown building. Reservations are requested, please call 919-838-6692


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