SOUTHERN CITY: paintings of Raleigh in 2014

October 3, 2014 - November 12, 2014

Downtown Raleigh takes center stage in a three-artist exhibit opening on October 3rd at Adam Cave Fine Art. “Southern City” features oils and mixed media paintings by three of North Carolina’s most exciting young artists; Will Goodyear, David Shingler, and Jimmy Craig Womble. Each artist not only brings a different aesthetic to their subject, but has a different relationship to the city as well.


Will Goodyear is a long-time Raleigh resident and a real player in the creative life of the city. His combination of silkscreen and expressionistic painting on panel leads to works that are as abstract as they are cityscapes, and which highlight the energy of the urban center.


By contrast, David Shingler is a new resident who recently relocated from Denver, Colorado. David has lived and painted in a variety of places from Florida to China and, capturing the uniqueness of these different locales. In Raleigh, the artist was immediately drawn to the new construction and approachable scale of the city.


Jimmy Craig Womble does not live in Raleigh but grew up in Eastern North Caorlina and got his art degree from the School of Design at North Carolina State University. Jimmy is fascinated with the quieter scenes in the city and hopes to capture them all before they disappear. .


“Southern City” opens on Friday October 3rd with a reception from 6-9 pm and will be on view through November 4th.