April 4, 2014 - April 30, 2014

Click above for a samling of the artwork. More images will be coming soon. Opening Reception with the artist Friday, April 4th 6:00-9:00 pm IS WILL GOODYEAR A ONE-MAN ART-MAKING MACHINE? In the new exhibit �Assembly Lines,� opening at Adam Cave Fine Art on April 4th, artist Will Goodyear explores North Carolina�s urban growth, and shrinking manufacturing, from the inside out. Goodyear has chosen to paint in a conceptual scenario in which he, himself, is modernization. �I am the single person running a process that could be broken up, providing jobs to others. I am the modern assembly line minus the machinery.� The artist is finding this an interesting perspective to paint from and it shows in dynamic, atmospheric works built up in layers with a wide range of media. In �Fruits of Labor,� Goodyear begins with silkscreened images of Raleigh office towers, and continues with layers of acrylics, beeswax and oil paint. Although different workers on an �assembly line� could have conceivably manufactured each layer, his seemingly random image placement and expressionistic action painting are anything except routine. It is this contrast between process and emotion that makes these works so interesting. The buildings float where the sky should be, held aloft by a dense cloud of brushwork. Color bleeds through mid-tones and, atop it all, line work, like graffiti, draws our eye from point to point. This will be Goodyear�s third solo exhibit at Adam Cave Fine Art since 2009. The artist has both a BFA and an MFA from Eastern Carolina University. Originally from Charlotte, Goodyear lives with his wife and daughter in Raleigh. His works can be found in numerous private, corporate and public collections throughout the state. �Assembly Lines� will be on exhibit through April 30th.